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Max Lehman
And The Frog God Wept
CERAMIC hand glazed & painted earthenware
15 x 30 x 15 in


The life of Death opens at Pop gallery Santa Fe. Friday October 8, 2021 at 5pm.

My first solo show since 2014 celebrates being alive and surviving the the last two years of the pandemic.

This exhibit represents my return to making art.

Since the beginning of my art career skulls and skeletons have been a recurring theme in my work.

Although the connotation is that skulls and skeletons represent death, I do not see it that way. Skeletal forms represent memory to me. The fact that we were here… we existed… we were alive!

The Life of Death (2021):
The pieces in this show characterize common themes woven through my life. Food and my personal struggle to remain at a healthy weight. Technology which factors into my career as a webmaster. Punk Rock which is the music I grew up on. And the simple absurdity of life itself.-ML

"My pieces are often a conglomeration of unrelated ideas that somehow just seem to work together. I try to think about a series of disjointed or unconnected things and place them in new relationships to each other. I have a tendency to pick and choose my cultural references at will. Exercising unrestrained disregard for tradition or convention gives me the ability to process new ideas rapidly. My background in video and web production provides me with an idiosyncratic perspective for approaching my art and subject matter. One does not often associate digital media with ceramics. I also observe how graphic designers apply their designs to various objects. This gives me additional insight for approaching a 3-D form." Max Lehman

Original work by Max Lehman available exclusively in Santa Fe at POP Gallery. Contact us directly to add this prolific artist to your collection and for a private viewing of the work at 505.820.0788.

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