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IdaKatherine Graver
Prayer For Ukraine
ACRYLIC ink & pencil on canvas
24 x 36 x 2 in


"What I paint is always about revealing the landscape of the mind and the heart. It's about unknown possibilities and what keeps everything in a perpetual state of becoming and the realization that we are all, always, liminal.

Although I have a vision of each image I will create before I start, I never know how I will get it onto the canvas. I stay constant and present, work faithfully, and watch it appear. I make a field of color, often relying on instinct alone, and then apply dots of color with care – drop by drop. I rarely use tools because they take away from the organic process.

I create each piece in the way I experience being alive. As the painting takes shape, the images are layered atop each other, the way a life unfolds over time. There’s the chance meeting, the kiss, the lie – all the events that form the foundation for our lived lives. When a piece is done, it makes a clear sound."-IKG

IdaKatherine Graver is represented exclusively in Santa Fe, NM at POP Gallery. Please contact us to add this prolific painter to your collection. Direct contact is or phone 505.820.0788.

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