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Travis Bruce Black
(Man Does Not Live On) Snake Alone
35 x 32 x 2 in


This exciting series, "User Interfaces" fuses geometry and nostalgic pop art using cultural references including recognizable gaming and skate iconic imagery.
Black's work is so much fun in person…each sculptural painting takes on so much dimension as he plays with block layering to create a 3D piece of art for all ages!As a student of Zen I try to live out the truth of “everything is connected”. So my primary aim is to create Art that brings joy, optimism and mystery to other people’s lives: Art that expresses my lust for life and the simple exuberance of being.

"I try to flesh out the spectrum of difference between abstraction and naturalistic form to illustrate how layered reality is and to tease out a more inclusive picture of what "real" feels like. Color is Emotion. Implied movement is Time. Design is balanced in a way that shows the vulnerability or unlikeliness of our experience.

An overarching theme for my work is how complex creatures are and how every living thing is a little package of God-knows-what-mystery. This moves me to paint."-TBB

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